“The Corner”

A change may be just around the cornerThe complexities that come with preparing for Tomorrow while meeting the demands of Today are challenging. As the food industry keeps evolving with more change ahead, Blueberry believes CEOs must take pre-emptive action to position their organizations to seize opportunities and adapt faster than ever before.

Doing so requires the ability to “see around the corner” by anticipating the next-wave of developments and impacts on business–including customer moves, consolidations, acquisitions, cost volatility, margin pressure, innovation, leadership capabilities, talent requirements and more.

To help you, we are pleased to issue a periodic feature of Big Thoughts called “The Corner”, written specifically for food industry chief executives to help factor what may lie ahead into thinking, talking and developing mid and longer-range plans and resource allocation for your organizations. Blueberry’s perspective as an objective industry expert “at the corner”–that is, the intersection of current activity and what may lie ahead with eyes wide open and with an ear to the ground–puts us in a unique position to share what we believe are the next waves of industry change. Topics for “The Corner” will be presented in such a way so as to enable you as the CEO to get a head start in scaling up your organization to meet the challenges of emerging or soon-to-be-realized developments.

We look forward to issuing our first periodic feature the week of February 24th on this site.

Meanwhile, our regular Big Thoughts In Short Shots–thought-starters on relevant food industry, business and leadership topics—will continue as an ongoing service to organizational leaders.

Please stay tuned, and thank you for subscribing to Big Thoughts.


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