Expectation Fatigue

ExpectationAn old proverb says that postponed expectation makes the heart sick.

Delayed expectations have a cumulative wear-down effect. Waiting for people, waiting for progress, waiting for decisions, for things to change or get better faster.

It’s exhausting when expectation is postponed over and over again.

When I was a little girl, half of the fun of any new adventure was the expectation of it. I’m still that way. I look forward to an industry event, a conversation rich in thought, or the opportunity to do fabulous things with a client almost as much as I enjoy the experience itself.

But there are times when passion isn’t matched with passion, and that’s when energy and attitude turn edgy. How many tough-minded, determined, hard-working leaders bubbling with excitement over their vision or new idea are met with lukewarm support?

Or perhaps the light from someone truly inspired grows dim in the presence of an occupied or indifferent executive. A strong voice cracks and fades after calling out to a willfully-deaf leader standing too long on the tracks.

Expectation Fatigue can happen to anyone in a high-touch position. The cure is self-cure, I think, but it escapes me. More personal stamina? Detachment? I don’t know.

Expectation Fatigue. I’ve got it. I’m edgy for progress and the delay is wearing on me. It’s wearing on all of us.

Expectation Fatigue. Maybe just putting a name to this feeling is enough for now.


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