CEO Reflections

Businessman Touching Domino Pieces Arranged in a LineIf change is required for industry staying power, am I right now inventing my company’s future?

If courage is an essential leadership quality, do excuses postpone important action?

If speed is today’s competitive advantage, does it still take 9 months to do what others do in 3?

If “excellence” defines our organization’s mission, do I accept mediocrity from myself or my direct reports?

If I encourage candor and open feedback, do I personally sidestep difficult conversations?

If I promote a culture of accountability, do my own actions align with my words?

If growth is flat or in decline, can I really say we are a customer-centered organization?

If I look closely at my key executives, do I find each to be the very best…or just the best I can get for now?

If struggling employees had a winning record with other companies, did they become underperformers after joining ours?

If decisions must support the greater good of the business, is self-interest lurking in the shadows?

Do my daily actions reflect what’s written on the pages of my CEO playbook?


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