Customer-Centric, Corporate Values, Low Hanging Fruit, Ideation, Category Leader, First To Market, Supplier of Choice, Best Practices, Unmet Needs, Solutions, Core Competency.

After reviewing dozens of corporate strategies, the list of empty words and phrases tossed around to plug vague ideas grows longer every year.

Smart leaders do not use or allow inflated language to communicate important information. If it can’t be stated plainly, or the meaning behind a high-sounding concept can’t be easily explained, it’s not that powerful or meaningful.

Next time you sit through another presentation, strategy session or meeting, listen carefully for tired business terms that diminish the message. Then ask the question everyone is dying to ask: What exactly does that mean?

Business is tough enough without hiding behind jargon or leaving others to figure out how to interpret what must get done. Challenge yourself and your leaders to get crystal clear with simple straightforward language to communicate decisions, strategies, plans and goals.

Your organization’s growth should never get lost in translation.


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