Be The One

In an industry saturated with competition, suppliers are in a predicament.

Strategies, growth plans, brand statements, business models and products are strikingly similar from one company to the next. All claim the same quality differentiators. Each is a “leader” in their category. The same research sources are cited to support the same growth avenues and new concepts.

Traditional planning frameworks smother game changing decisions that separate best-of-breed suppliers from the rest. To break away from the pack:

  1. Define and communicate who you are, how you’re better than others, what you need to be and why before selecting when and where to grow. Suppliers that overlook this step keep customers and employees from recognizing your key points of difference beyond price and programs.
  2. Identify one high risk/high reward venture that will redefine your category and organization. Commit and invest in paths that lead to the Exceptional, not merely continued existence. Look to the edges where investors are investing. Think new customer groups, new buying patterns, new passions, new controversy.
  3. Become masters at problem-finding by continuously updating your value proposition to address undiscovered or predictive needs that competitors and research groups have yet to identify and customers will beg your company to meet.

Be The One to transform, disrupt, shape. Your organization wasn’t designed to blend in…or was it?


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