The Value of Intuition

Flickr_IntuitionMed_Hexmar4989398937_879004bfb81Business problems and growth stalls are incubating in your organization right now, disguised as barely-perceived issues.

According to Harvard Business School’s Dr. Michael Roberto, finding problems is a vital CEO skill not taught in business schools. Problem-finding uses pattern-recognition and strong intuition to size up and act on a situation before the chickens come home to roost.

In today’s data-driven boardrooms and c-suites, gut instinct can get a bum-rap. But at the highest levels of an organization, experience-based intuition must reclaim its place in surfacing problems to avert setbacks on the horizon.

So set the numbers aside for awhile and take a good hard look at your company. What are the common denominators in areas with a disproportionate number of issues? Do your hunches defy description but form a pattern that signals danger ahead?

Pattern recognition and keen intuition are enablers to fast action that can revive or save the life of your business.


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