Challenges, Paths and Plans

Challenges facing food industry organizations differ; so should plans for the paths to address them.

  • If strengths and weaknesses are unclear or out of date, plan a Discovery path.
  • If weaknesses are hampering results, plan an Improvement path.
  • If strengths can be made even stronger, plan a Cutting Edge path.
  • If a problem is still impeding results, plan a Replacement or Substitution path.
  • If investing in a new product or service, plan an Exposure path.
  • If capabilities are not clearly differentiated, plan an Enrichment path.
  • If investment in an upgrade is untimely, plan a Workaround path.
  • If your brand story is unfamiliar, plan a Marketing path.
  • If strengths are not valued by a market or segment, plan a Redeploy and Focus path.
  • If decisions out of your control threaten business, plan a Contingency path.

As each challenge is defined, so is the right method to work on improving it, through it or around it.


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