Clear Thinking

The best CEOs develop a high mental tolerance for pressures associated with a fast-changing environment. Clarity of thought brings order to the chaos (Justin Menkes: Better Under Pressure) that currently characterizes our industry.

But some still “…hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest,” as the song goes.

Factors that can cloud CEO judgment when deciding which steps to take to protect business, speed growth and avert dangers include:

  • Evidence in opposition to “Big Assumptions”–deeply rooted beliefs about people, purpose or products that are woven in an organization’s fabric.
  • Imported practices–by way of industry dialogue or new hires–from companies of different sizes, types, cultures, distribution methods, customer targets or growth stages.
  • Miscalculating how long your competitive advantage will last, failing to make timely investments in the future.

Clarity of thought is a learned CEO skill that delivers measureable organizational benefits: Customers will have reason to not only join you but to stay, and to know your business is and will remain essential to theirs…now, later and much later.


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