Capabilities and Consequences

The food industry requires the right leaders for our time, and some VPs are no longer meeting the evolving demands of the business.

Many are indeed adapting well to the changing environment; others are in denial, resisting, gridlocked, immobile. Trouble is compounded when the CEO works off of partial, inaccurate or biased information about market, customer and competitive behaviors in making directional, resource and investment decisions for the organization.

It’s often difficult for the CEO to acknowledge problems with a direct report who has become part of his/her daily work life. Misguided loyalty, strong family ties, or concerns over upsetting an insular culture or clique with a game-changing outsider can rationalize avoidance in making hard decisions.

But ours has been called an “on-demand” industry, and today’s VP leadership capabilities must stay relevant with exceptional judgment and clear thinking to recognize and deliver against value-creating opportunities. Their place in the hierarchy directs execution throughout the organization, and is pivotal in determining whether the business stumbles, stalls, keeps pace or pulls ahead.

Not taking a fresh, objective look at new capabilities required in your top team is fraught with consequences.


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