Problems, Problems

Problem-solving requires tactical reasoning and methods to overcome hurdles in reaching goals. Those skilled at successfully solving problems:

  • Deftly identify which ones to solve based on current impacts on the business;
  • Frame problems accurately and without bias;
  • Apply the right amount time, money and resources to bring about resolution.

But tactical reasoning and methods only relieve problems at hand, and do not offer the potency to relieve pain brought about by maintaining the status quo.

Problem-finding requires strategic reasoning along with vision, insight, exceptional judgment and clear thinking ability:

  • It sees what others do not: hidden gaps, errors, inconsistencies in assumptions, information, arguments, people skills and abilities
  • Conceptualizes and sequences events that will inhibit future performance;
  • Deliberately aligns resources early to avert negative consequences.

Problem-finding is more powerful but its difficult to convince others to take action on pain not yet realized.

Cultivating this supremely-important CEO skill is critical to avoiding the effects of today’s emerging problems on tomorrow’s results.

Prepare now to avert anticipated pain from new challenges on the horizon.


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