Does your organization blame a sluggish industry for its sluggish growth?

Industry performance has little to do with it.

What matters is whether your company can identify, invest and master the capabilities your competition is winning with.

Yielding to manpower or resource requests without knowing exactly how the investment will trounce competitors is risky. Growth in new segments without comparative feature strength is unsustainable. Pushing harder with a worn-out market approach will burn out your people, frustrate your trading partners and bore your customers to tears.

There is great opportunity in the space between Average and Superior. Product development, speed to market, supply chain, consumer insights, operations…focus on building mastery in one or two capabilities customers cherish and where competition is beating you right now. Fund your mastery by cutting costs in low value areas of the business.

Strength-to-competition can enable your organization to outperform the sluggish food industry.


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