Courageous Resolve

In January, many people make resolutions to improve some aspect of life or self.

As the CEO, will you commit to courageous acts that improve organizational performance?

The food industry is changing at lightning speed, requiring close inspection of long-standing sacred cows.

  • Are you willing to release people or practices that upon honest reflection are growing out of sync with the needs of the business?
  • Do you actively seek objective–even uncomfortable–feedback in order to improve outcomes?
  • Can you tune out critics, resisters, illusionists speaking from protective positions and who stand to lose if you carry out a new or hard decision?

Acts are only courageous when they do not require a coalition of supporters. Real courage means setting self-interest aside for the organization and livelihood of its people in-total that are entrusted to you. To do otherwise is to not be whole-hearted in your role as chief executive.

With skin in the game, successful CEOs make a point of being first to personally demonstrate the courage that is absolutely necessary in high performance organizations.


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