Intentional Design

Every organization delivers exactly what it’s been designed to deliver. There’s no getting around this. Success and positive results are designed that way.

The same holds true when coming up short. If the organization itself isn’t suitably designed for growth, hard-pushing becomes continuously necessary–though no amount of it will deliver the right results for long, if at all.

Growing organizations have the look and feel of intentional design. Other than a set of good processes to maintain order, little else about them is routine. Intentional design is specialized in areas of focus, is non-linear and abundant in good information, accurate analysis and creative thinking to deliver a winning edge.

Intentional design produces flow…the optimal state when a high degree of challenge is matched by a high degree of skill.

These organizations, then, are equipped to respond well to uncertainty, complexity and change that are the hallmarks of the food industry.

And it shows in their results.


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